Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Monumental Moments

All of the attention on Washington, DC lately has stimulated me to reflect on my own time and experience working and living on Capitol Hill. The U.S. Capitol building became symbolic of my time there when, as a young summer intern, I would look up at the Statue of Freedom every day on my walk from the metro to the House Office Buildings and think to myself, "I'll be back." No, no... I didn't think that with a Terminator-esque accent, rather with the confidence any late college student tries to muster when looking beyond graduation.

It turned out that I was fortunate enough to return to Capitol Hill, with that same statue leaving a permanent mark on what my idea of future promise looks like. So when I decided to expand my perception of opportunity and success by moving to Florida, I knew an image of the Capitol building and the Statue of Freedom would continue to inspire in me that intern-like feeling.

Eastern Market in the Southeast part of the District was the perfect place to look for personally significant prints that I was looking for. The artist of these paintings came to the U.S. after the Georgia-Russia conflict of 2008 and has just of an emotional commitment to the Capitol as I do.

These seasonal prints express the energy of time passing and through that, spark a kind of carpe diem (seize the day) disposition. It's the artwork that has sentiment and a story behind it that means the most to me and truly makes my apartment a home.


  1. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. if i may add, inspired by this post, a thousand words and a million memories.


  2. Love them!

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