Saturday, June 23, 2012

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You didn't know you wanted... These drink notes

Happy Saturday everyone!

When my mom and I went shopping at Francesca's Collections during her last visit, she found these drink notes while I was trying on some of their dresses. Though none of the clothes worked out, I was really happy to leave with a fun new way to keep track of drinks when my boyfriend and I are entertaining.

A glass of red wine ranks pretty high on my list of favorite things - with my friends, with my boyfriend, or just with a book - though these notes could be used for both margarita or martini glasses as well. Their timeless "Hello my name is" design jives perfectly with my classic style, as did the price at just $8 for a set of six! It doesn't look like they are available online through Francesca's, but I found them here for a dollar less :) The notes are also reusable, but as you can see from the picture below, I'll probably try my own dry erase marker to have the names show up a little darker.

Do you have a fun way to keep track of drinks when you're hosting?

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  1. I have these!