Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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You didn't know you wanted... These Emi-Jay Hair Ties

Tomorrow marks the end of my first week with my new job - the end of a whirlwind 7 days. I have honestly loved it so much that it just seemed like a continuation of the vacation I took recently. One of the reasons the last week has gone by so quickly is that a lot of my time working is actually spent going to various exercise classes and meeting the local community's incredible fitness instructors.

Somehow, when I went to Pure Barre last week, I forgot a hair tie. And considering the fact that I'm definitely not one of those girls who just has perfect hair before, during, and after a workout, I was desperate enough to ask the front desk for a rubber band (ouch, I know). Luckily, the Pure Barre employee pointed out their stash of super cute Emi-Jay hair ties for sale. After picking the jaguar collection shown above, trying it out through a pretty invigorating class, and actually having dent-less hair when I took the hair tie out, I was hooked.

These hair ties not only make as much of a statement as any other accessory would, but they're also made out of a stretchy material that won't leave traces of a pony tail after you take them out. When you are using them, their thicker bands give your pony tail much more bounce than your run-of-the-mill goodie ouchless hair tie. Speaking of that type of hair tie, I know they are less expensive, but with the Emi-Jays, you don't have to increase the number of times you wrap it around your hair each new time you wear it. Their elasticity stays the way you bought it.

If the jaguar collection isn't exactly your style, they have quite a few different colors and prints to choose from. Now that I know about the Emi-Jay site, those five hair ties definitely won't be my last purchase. I'm loving the neon collection and may just have to sport the Go USA collection while the Olympics are happening.

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