Thursday, July 19, 2012

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An important to-do

So it's getting late here and I'm winding down for the night. Besides the nightly pampering routine, this also entails looking at where I need to be and what I need to do the next day. This ritual, in all its preparatory glory, was what made me post tonight instead of going to bed earlier than my borderline-narcoleptic tendencies would prefer (not really, but you know what I mean).

What, you may ask, was more important than my beauty sleep? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Yep... I actually had a calendar reminder that it starts tomorrow. For the next 17 days, select items from Nordstrom's Fall collection will be on sale for their debut in the stores. That is plenty of time to check out the goods, but I usually take an early peek at the online catalog, see what items I want besides my annual hanky panky restock, and get to the store before things are no longer available.

Last year, I took advantage of this sale to revamp my cold weather clothing for my third winter in DC but never actually had to use any of those purchases because of my move to Florida (sigh, living the hard life). This year, I'm looking for more timeless basics that I can use any time of the year and know I would have to buy at some point anyway. Skinny jeans, light sweaters, and maybe some brown flat riding boots will be on my scope out list.

And now that the event has a prominent place on tomorrow's list of to-dos, I can sleep soundly :)

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