Monday, July 16, 2012

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Lotions and Potions: beautyblender® blendercleanser

Ahhh, Monday. I have to admit that this is the only Monday morning I can remember that I was actually excited to get going in the morning. Today was day three of my new job (details soon!), and I was ready for the week ahead. I had groceries to make green smoothies for breakfast, hazelnut coffee to replace a frenzied starbucks run, and a lunch bag full of healthy goodies for throughout the day. My new Sunday routine really smoothed out a typically groggy and chaotic Monday morning.

Another part of my Sunday routine besides grocery shopping and getting to bed early is cleaning my makeup brushes. As a habit I picked up during the epic skin battle I told you about in this post, cleaning my brushes is a critical part of keeping any blemishes in check - especially after a few days of traveling. That's why I am so happy that Birchbox introduced me to the beautyblender® blender cleanser.

Although this cleanser was originally meant to be used with the beauty blender, it is perfect for any makeup application tool. Radiating a slight lavender scent, it removes any impurities from your brushes like oil or bacteria (you know, those pesky starters of an acne riot). The formula is soy-based, so it is a natural moisturizer for your brushes and doesn't have any artificial dyes or potential irritants.

At $17.95 per 6oz bottle, it is on the pricier end of the brush cleanser shopping spectrum, but I'd rather take good care of my brushes than spend another $50 on each new one!

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